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How are you different from a regular gym trainer?

I personally have worked and been a member at a regular gym. I never felt supported or valued when working there. Money is the driving factor for "big box gyms" and that can lead to a lack in support of clients. I promise to put you first and support your goals and health day in and day out!

What types of home fitness equipment do you recommend?

After we sit down and talk through your fitness goals I will help you figure out what equipment you will need to find success. No matter how much or little equipment you have I will make sure your workouts fit into your accessibility to equipment.

What are your prices?

Please review my services page to better understand what options I have available to you! Prices range from $100/month to $65/1 hour session depending on the service you purchase.

Do you charge extra for nutritional guidance and a diet plan?

Yes! I am not a registered dietician. This means I cannot prescribe meal plans or diagnose your diet to figure out what your missing or how to treat disease through food. What I can do is recommend healthy meals and help your track your macros and calories. We can review what you are eating and make changes to your diet to help you find a balance with your exercise and nutrition.

What are your credentials?

I have two degrees in exercise science (a bachelors and a masters). I have my personal training certification, group fitness instructor certification, a yoga, certification, a TRX certification, and 10 years of personal training under my belt. To learn more about my background see the About Me page. 

What is your favorite exercise?

I have gone through many favorites. I started out loving burpees. I then moved into olympic lifts, such as Cleans. Recently with my half Ironman completion, I would say running in my current favorite exercise. But really I love anything that gets my body up and moving!

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